Building Community

How do you talk to someone who you think is in a difficult place?

by Suzy Nethercott-Watson • September 10, 2020

In the first of the Bushfire Recovery webinars Two Green Threads did with psychologist Lyn Page, and which was hosted by the Australian Red Cross, there was a question from one of our participants about how to talk to a friend you were worried about, and that you knew was doing it tough.  This scenario […]

Sustaining ourselves = Sustained carer community = Sustained wildlife

by Suzy Nethercott-Watson • September 8, 2020

“Remember you don’t need to earn self-care by working the hardest, saving a million lives, being perfect, giving until it hurts, or putting yourself last.  You don’t have to earn self-care at all.” – Jessica Dolce I was fortunate to recently have a great conversation with an amazing woman, someone I have been in touch […]

A timely conversation on the
‘Take Care to Give Care’ guide

by Suzy Nethercott-Watson • April 8, 2020

Having my friend Siwan over last week felt like we were doing almost something illegal. That aside, I had a wonderful chance for talking and connecting. Getting opportunities to share time and free flow thoughts and feelings with like minded people seems more precious than ever now. Siwan established and heads up the Australian River […]

Naming the Churn – I settled on ‘ecological grief’

by Suzy Nethercott-Watson • December 6, 2019

One of the ‘why’s’ of Two Green Threads is around creating a safe space that can stimulate the expression of what the intertwined heart, mind and spirit experience on the journey of rescue, raise, rehabilitate and release of wildlife. As a disparate national community in the wildlife care sector, we rarely have time to enter […]

Letters between carers in fires

by Suzy Nethercott-Watson • December 6, 2019

“Sometimes courage doesn’t roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow.” – Mary Ann Radmacher It’s challenging times at the moment… Drought… Widespread bushfires within prime wildlife habitat… High temperatures… As wildlife carers we may feel alone and despondent, and at times like this […]