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Self-care? “I’m not interested in self-care I’m doing this for the wildlife”

Guest Speaker: Jessica Dolce, Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator

Brought to you by Two Green Threads.

As volunteers in the wildlife care and rehab sector we tend to give ourselves away to support our orphaned and injured wildlife. ‘Its not about me – its about looking after the wildlife’, can be our over-riding mantra as we deliver this service for the  animals and wildlife caring community.

It is almost certain that in the future our wildlife will be surviving in a more pressured environment, and will increasingly need our help. So how do we sustain ourselves to provide this help for the long haul?

Self-care can be a loaded term but at its essence, it is energy management.

Watch this webinar on Self-care? “I’m not interested in self-care… I’m doing this for the wildlife”, aimed at understanding how we can do both – wildlife care and self-care, exploring the messages we tell ourselves about our need to invest in sustaining ourselves.

Talking about self-care may be a stressful topic. We acknowledge we are all at different stages of recovery and self awareness. Please remember there are crisis and mental health support services available, in person, on-line or via the phone. An initial reference list can be found here if you need it.


Suzy Nethercott-Watson
Founder of Two Green Threads and wildlife carer for over 20 years who is motivated by her deep connection to wildlife and the environment, and the people who volunteer to protect and care for our native animals.

Jessica Dolce
Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator, who’s mission is to create practical tools to help animal care and welfare folks be well, while they do good work in the world.

This is part of the Wildlife Heroes Caring for Carers Campaign
supported by the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife and the Australian Government.