We, in the native wildlife care sector,
face a real challenge

The intensity of the volunteer effort in this unique sector is being delivered in a time of bleak outlook for the future of our natural ecosystems which are changing and shrinking as habitat destruction, climate change and human indifference weave together. Two Green Threads is a national not for profit organisation, established to support this volunteer effort and the wildlife carers responding to these challenges.

To keep saving our native wildlife, we need to save a bit of ourselves.

Our wildlife are acknowledged and supported every day through the efforts of many wildlife volunteers. We know our natural environments are changing and the wildlife it sustains will continue to need our support.

Two Green Threads has launched an initiative called ‘Refill Your Bucket’, which is a call to action for wildlife volunteers to prioritise individual AND wildlife well-being, so we can stay healthy and keep supporting the wildlife that need us. This initiative was developed to nudge a journey of awareness – that you have a bucket of energy and there needs to be conscious moments of refill.

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Years of drought, bushfires and floods and habitat reduction have devastated wildlife habitats and species numbers. We, the people who care for our wildlife, are experiencing this effect firsthand.  This means the pressure and personal draw on widlife rehablitation groups and individuals is increasing, and we need to be able to continue to respond to this demand.

This volunteer sector of native animal rescuers and rehabilitators are front line responders, providing an unrecognised powerhouse of energy and commitment that plays a part in the conservation of native animals.

While our compassion and drive to help our native wildlife have carried us far, it can be emotionally taxing, intensely time-consuming, and at times mentally and physically debilitating work. We are motivated by the need to ensure the future existence of native animals in our natural environment so…

…how do we build fitness for the long haul?

“Wildlife carers are a strategic national asset, and they need to be acknowledged and supported if their health and the public service they provide is not to be compromised.”

Source: Bruce Englefield, Melissa Starling and Paul McGreevy, 2018, Wildlife Research, 45, 103–118;
A review of roadkill rescue: who cares for the mental, physical and financial welfare of Australian wildlife carers?

Our solution – stimulate some action

Two Green Threads is on mission to inspire, support and rejuvenate the many individuals who invest so much of themselves helping native wildlife. We are here to remind them of their bravery in seeking to better this world, especially in those moments where frustration, grief, exhaustion or despair threaten to overwhelm.  We do not want them to lose their belief and confidence that the work they are doing is right, valued and effective.

The foundation stone of our movement is simple…  to build a supported and resilient tribe of individuals and wildlife groups…

We’re stronger when we stand together…

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Our three pillars of change

The Two Green Threads theory of change is that if we build a supportive community of resilient mental and physical individuals, then we can care for, and make a difference, to the welfare and existence of our native animals for the long term.

Two Green Threads is underpinned by three pillars of change:

Sustaining Individuals

Being a volunteer in the wildlife rescue and rehab sector is often a consuming and intensive experience, which doesn’t always result in positive fluffy outcomes. Our desire to make a difference, yet having to cope with loss, can wear us down and sometimes make us feel very alone.  Our commitment to caring for native wildlife can sometimes lead us to choose either ‘them or me’. Two Green Threads is looking to help individuals understand that looking after yourself, whilst living your service to animals, enables you to build resilience and multiply the benefits for yourself and the animals you care so much about.

Building Community

Even though we may choose to more regularly engage with animals, belonging to a community provides a level of human connectedness that is innate.  We need to feel part of a community of like-minded people who feel the same stresses, hopes and joy. Our cohesiveness as a community can directly contribute to our personal morale, optimism and outlook.  Two Green Threads will offer tools to build a flourishing community that values and increases its capacity through connection and shared wildlife carer journeys.

Expanding Knowledge

Here at Two Green Threads we believe building self awareness and personal wildlife caring knowledge is more than just having self confidence.  We see it as mental health stabiliser that broadens perspective and helps build resilience. As wildlife carers we are often time poor, and may not be aware of the ways technology can offer modern means to learn, grow and connect. Two Green Threads will be a hub where people can access resources, share their experiences and expand knowledge; both personal and wildlife related.

The three pillars of action have inspired and influenced the following offerings to help build a supportive community of resilient mental and physical individuals:

Our vision, values and strategic plan

Two Green Threads has a vision to make a positive difference in the lives of wildlife carers at a critical point in time for wildlife conservation and natural ecosystems. We have started a conversation about how to support the wildlife carer community, and will grow by collaborating with the volunteers powering this much needed service. Our values come from a principle of community and are driving the plan for the future of Two Green Threads, both of which can be found below.

What’s next?

To make sure we hear from you about how Two Green Threads can respond to your needs, we have a survey for wildlife carers to complete here.

Let’s stand together

Two Green Threads has a vision to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those that support and care for wildlife, creating an energised connected community of people with a supportive spirit at a critical point in time for wildlife conservation and natural ecosystems.

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    “Sometimes courage doesn’t roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow.”

    – Mary Ann Radmacher

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