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Self-care? “I’m not interested in self-care I’m doing this for the wildlife”

Guest Speaker: Jessica Dolce, Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator

As volunteers in the wildlife care and rehab sector we tend to give ourselves away to support our orphaned and injured wildlife. ‘Its not about me – its about looking after the wildlife’, can be our over-riding mantra as we deliver this service for the animals and wildlife caring community. It is almost certain that in the future our wildlife will be surviving in a more pressured environment, and will increasingly need our help. So how do we sustain ourselves to provide this help for the long haul?

Self-care can be a loaded term but at its essence, it is energy management.

This webinar is aimed at understanding how we can do both – wildlife care and self-care, exploring the messages we tell ourselves about our need to invest in sustaining ourselves.

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Learning to surf the waves of stress as a wildlife volunteer

Guest Speaker: Jessica Dolce, Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator

In our day to day lives we often have times when our jaws clench, our tummies churn, we get irritated easily or we have trouble sleeping. In other words, we feel ‘stressed’. When we consider that the role of the wildlife volunteer is often juggled in addition to paid work, home and family commitments, we can understand why so many wildlife volunteers talk about feeling ‘stressed’.

So, what can we do about it?

In this webinar, we explore how we can learn to surf the waves of stress so that we feel more calm and in control, allowing us to continue doing the things we care about and ensure our wildlife volunteer role is sustainable for the long-term.

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