Joining The Threads Podcast: Episode 4

Interactions with the public on wildlife rescue callouts, with guest and psychologist Hayley Li

When training for our wildlife volunteer role and what to do during wildlife rescue callouts, we understandably concentrate on how to navigate the rescue of the wildlife in need. There is another part of the rescue situation which can also take time and energy for the wildlife volunteer – interaction with the members of the public at the scene. In this episode, Hayley stimulates our thinking on how we are preparing ourselves as wildlife volunteers to effectively navigate the people side of wildlife rescues considering our reactions and responses at three stages of a rescue callout; preparation, rescue and post-rescue. The conversation shares ideas to help us plan ahead for the spectrum of public interactions encountered, through these wildlife rescue callouts, in order to remain sustainable and strong in our efforts to support wildlife in need.


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About Suzy

There is a song I like which has the line ‘Did I start this or did this start me’? This fittingly describes my more than two decades journey as a volunteer wildlife carer. For me, caring for wildlife is a fundamental form of connection with nature, providing opportunities for stillness in the frantic spinning of the human world. It’s a multitude of ‘moments that give’ and ‘moments that take’. Moments we may sometimes find it hard to express or share, let alone process. Starting Two Green Threads was my way of encouraging reflections and conversations, and enabling the building of a language which honours the volunteer service of so many to our wildlife.

We are humans, we respond to voices, and this podcast is a chance to pull at threads which collectively join together to build a fabric of connectivity and community.

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“Too frequently we tell stories of failure and we forget to honour the fact that we tried, the fact we had purpose, the fact we cared.”

– Julia Baird

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